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Marble countertops and furniture are a stunning focal point of many bathrooms, kitchens, bar tops and display areas.  Many times they are the “pop” in the room.  However, when marble is used for these areas it does require a little extra care and maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.  Three of the most common issues that homeowners run into with marble countertops are scratching, chipping and etching.  Marble is a soft material, and can be easily scratched by items being dragged across it.   It’s very common for marble countertops to become chipped by an object being dropped on it, this often happens on the edge of the sink cutout, or the edge of the counter.   Etching occurs in marble when it comes in contact with something acidic.  Citrus fruits, soda, juices, wine, bathroom cleaners etc.. can cause etching of the marble surface.   You will normally notice etching as the dulling of the surface, possibly slightly rough to the touch, and will often be in the shape of the item which etched the marble (wine glass, Tilex bottle, vinegar etc...).

These damages are very common due to normal household use, and should not cause alarm.  Your marble tops are not ruined.  Stone Seal can refinish your marble countertops to remove scratching, and etching, the depth of the scratch or etch will determine the procedure needed to repair your countertop. Sometimes re-polishing the affected area is all that is needed, however if the damage has gone deeper, then diamond honing and polishing may be necessary.  Chips can be repaired to blend with the rest of the marble top.  Regardless of the issue, rest assured that Stone Seal will be able to take care of your stone, and make it look like new again.


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